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New Jersey laws require that all Bee Yards in New Jersey where bees are over-wintering be registered annually with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. The only information, which will be considered public, will be the beekeeper's name and mailing address; all other information will be confidential. You must print or save a copy of this completed form as your record of registration. Please fill in the form and return by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of this form. If you have any questions please call (609) 462-7820 or email us at
I, * (Beekeeper) Type Name On, * certify that all the information provided herein is accurate.
The laws governing the apiary inspection program in New Jersey are found HERE

I will collect honey bee swarms
I want to be certified to raise honey bee queens for sale in New Jersey
I want to be certified to sell splits, nucs or frames of brood in New Jersey.
I provide pollination service for a fee to farmers in New Jersey
My bee yard information here reported is to be shared with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Office of Pesticide Control solely for the purpose of requesting that I be notified, pursuant to NJAC 7:30-9.11, when certain pesticide applications are made near my bee yard/yards. My information will be available to the public via the DEP’s website at for notification purposes.

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